Things for Non-Christians to Think About

This page is for non-Christians. But it’s for non-Christians who genuinely want answers to their questions.

If you're a non-Christian but you just want an argument to prove that you’re right, or if you just want somewhere so you can enlighten all these deceived Christians... then start your own web site. This one is not for you.

If you’re a Christian and you’re looking for fantastic articles that you can send to all the non-Christians you know... then this probably isn’t for you either.

This page is just trying to help genuine seekers of truth to sort through some of life’s big questions. It probably asks more questions than it answers, but sometimes that’s what you need to help you make sense of things.

My Own Story

This is just some highlights from my own journey.
It’s very unlikely your journey will be the same, but you might find this interesting.

Can You Trust the Bible

Who wrote it? How do we know if it’s true?
What is it about anyway?

Why Do You Bother

Why do you bother going to work every day? Why do you even bother getting up? Where is your life going? If anywhere? And then what?